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You Got What It Takes - 7

Call Your Self-Worth Into Existence

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Call, as an action word, means to announce or to decide that (an event) is to happen. In its form as a noun, call is an appeal or demand for something to happen or be done.

For the six previous discussions, we have explored the various meanings of the word call. This word is loaded because it connotes speaking, which is a creative force. The power of the tongue either creates or destroys. Our very own Creator spoke our known world into existence by calling out, “Let there be . . . .” and it was. The stars in the night sky, the rivers wide and the oceans deep, the plants, birds and bees were all spoken into existence.

It was only the human being by which our Creator took meticulous care to mold with His own hands and breathe His spirit into each one of us creating spirit-beings in His own image. We carry the genetic code of the greatest power in the Universe, of which He, too, created. It is too wondrous for man’s mere intellect to grasp the enormity of creation. But try to catch this, dearly beloved: Everything was and is ordered by God, our Father, our Creator, our Progenitor. That spirit being was called “Adam” which means “Son of the red Earth” from the Hebrew “Adamah” meaning “Earth.” “Son” indicates that there is a Father, a Progenitor; therefore, Adam is a son, or a child, the progeny, of God, our Creator.

"In God's Hands Male and Female" by Lester Kern

And every human being born on earth is also a son or daughter, a progeny of the great Progenitor. Yes we hold the biological DNA (genetic stuff) of our parents, but greater still, we hold the DNA (the genetic blueprint, the spiritual stuff) of God Almighty. Whether you choose to believe or not, you are made with God-stuff waiting to work for good to give your Father the glory!

So, what’s the stuff He breathed inside us made of? It is called your deepest desire packed with all the gifts and talents needed to make it come to light, to make it all come true. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). That “stuff” inside you is full of light and goodness because it’s full of the love God breathed into you the day you were born. You are so valuable, so worthy; that even if you can’t feel it, or don’t know understand it, it’s still there—and it’s not going away. You carry it wherever you go. Now all you’ve got to do is call your self-worth into existence.

Painting by Dimitra Milan (16 years)

Another part of the God-stuff that you are made of is called faith. It’s a built-in feature of our spiritual genetic code that compels us to believe in things we cannot see through a force called hope. It is not that anyone has to always call you. Waiting to be called by someone in order to live a dream is taking a passive stance. Passive means not making the first move, but waiting until something or someone pushes you or calls your name. What if no one calls your name? Do you sleep?

Many are “sleeping”, waiting to be awakened (or woke up) by a sign, a bell, a call from anywhere before they put to work the stuff that’s in them. Life is sometimes waiting, but most of the time doing—taking steps or actions toward living your dream, your purpose in life, in reality. What are you passionate about? Does that passion translate to helping others; is it for the good of humanity? If so, you’ve got to call the desire(s) of your heart (your soul, your spiritual seat) into existence. Use your voice to command your dream into existence, “Let there be . . .”

Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1, ERV). You must have faith in who your Father is before you get the inheritance of what He has promised inside of you. You are a wealthy being because you come from a Father who is the owner of all substance seen and unseen. We miss the mark when we shout, “I need money right now!” when what you got inside of you is your wealth—that stuff which can generate wealth when you put it to good (godly) use.

Rather call into existence your dream and power it with hope—the expectation of it happening backed by strong faith that you shall surely see it come to pass; and give thanks that it’s done: “My Father, I thank You for supplying me with everything I need to make my dream for the good of society come to pass.” Call into existence the right people, open doors, the required education or property, capital, sponsorship. Call into being all that you need to fulfill your dream with thanksgiving.

"Thanksgiving is Every Day" by Curtis James

The secret to breakthrough into your divinely designed destiny is gratitude—a genuine heartfelt appreciation for what you already have, the gifts and talents uniquely packaged just for you and nobody else. That package is your self-worth (self-wealth). Express that gratitude by promising to use that package for achieving your heart’s desires. The promise is to Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass (Psalm 37:4-5).

There are many wealthy (rich) people in every nation. Observers, however, can see that not all wealth brings peace or joy into one’s life. How riches are obtained and how riches are maintained so as not to be lost or stolen can decrease the life-span of a man because he worries night and day on how to get and keep material wealth. But for you who has decided to walk as a child of the Most High God by your faith in His son Jesus Christ, the blessing of the Lord makes you rich, and He adds no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22).

"Hahahaha" by Isaac O. Badu

Calling your godly desires into existence is actively pursuing what you are passionate about—what brings you peace of mind and joy unspeakable. You know by the good feeling you get in your soul that God, your Father, approves it. People do not have to approve your secret desires, but when you call into existence the right people, it sure feels good. Stay away from those who are dream-killers, but seek advisors who love you enough to guide you in the right direction. We, at The Light In Me, are here for you. Your help could be just a text away!

Get on your knees right now and, with a grateful heart, call your self-worth into existence.

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