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Welcome to The Light In Me Enterprise: Harnessing young peoples' potential and lifting it up to shine!  Our Services include: 

  • Publishing children's and teens' educational books and materials

  • Training in instructional course materials for the practical teacher in the home, private and public school, church, and in the community

  • Showcasing the artistic potential of young people through The Light In Me Visual and Performing Arts Productions.

  • Partnering with charitable organizations to put into the hands of children and adolescents provisions for healthy living.

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The Light In Me Enterprise

Education, especially literacy, is the door to a bright future for many children struggling in the rural villages of Ghana, West Africa.  For over two decades, the CEO of The Light In Me Enterprise, has experienced the personal challenges of each of her learners as they work so hard in pre-school and primary school (Nursery to Class, or grade, 6) levels only to barely make it over the block of junior high school and unfortunately hit the wall of lack of financial strength to complete senior high.  Our hearts pour out their sorrows as they now face life with little hope, lack of positive self-esteem, and a future riddled with uncertainties as to what to do next.  Out of this pain and despondency, the rates of teenage pregnancies, drug addictions, and life-threatening dangers of "get rich quick" schemes as well as suicide are increasing alarmingly.

The Light In Me Ent. came into being to help guide these young people into valuing who they are on the inside through our "creative" discussions and public performing arts productions.  Performing on stage and displaying skills in public speaking, acting, choreography, and backdrop stage work shined the light of enormous potential in young people that many overlook.  There is brilliance in every young person; and the only thing they need to show it is an open door of opportunity to completing (not just starting, but finishing) quality education.

Every person wants to shine their talents and skills for society to benefit.  That light is first flickered on the inside, in the thoughts (mind) and in the emotions (heart) of a person.  That's where The Light In Me Enterprise targets to make young people stronger in their self-concept having positive self-esteem to know that, "Yes, I am good enough. I have what it takes to live life successfully and victoriously."

The Light In Me Enterprise strives to meet every young person we encounter wherever they are on their life-journey and lifts them up to reach their highest potential; and we work with other charitable organizations and individuals, like you, to make that happen.  When we all join hands with our young people, we can bask in their light  knowing that we have done well to contribute to a brighter generation.

Thank you for showing interest in what we do.  Your patronage of our products (please visit our shop) and your invitations of our services to children and teens in your homes, schools, churches, and community centers are truly appreciated.


We-re always looking for new and exciting opportunities to meet you and the young people you love. Let's connect.


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