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Our Mission
Training and Improving the Welfare of Children and Teens

Our Heartbeat

  • READING IS 4 ME Literacy Program: Challenging children and teens to read at least 4 books per month through our I-D-E-A-L Teach Me English literacy campaign.

  • CAMP BLESSING RETREATS: Piecing together the lives of adolescents with camp activities including symposia discussing: Reproductive Health, Dealing with Peer Pressure and Trauma, and Finding My Life's Purpose.

  • PROMISED GIFT SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Investing in the academic excellence of young people and opening their door of opportunity to completing quality education.

  • I HAVE A DREAM Public speaking and speech skills training to give young people confidence in effective communication--We teach children and teens how to talk!

  • OPERATION SERVE OUR NATION: Partnering with other charitable organizations and individuals, we put into the hands of children and teens (in rural areas, orphanages, hospitals, on city streets) provisions for healthy living.


    About Us

    Harnessing Young People's Potential and Lifting it up to Shine!

    The Light In Me Enterprise is a proud sponsor of Promised Gift Foundation.  

    We provide quality educational materials and life skills services to this NGO and its mission: Training and Improving the Welfare of Children and Teens.

    The Light In Me Enterprise Services include:

    • Publishing children and teens' educational books and materials.

    • Training in instructional course materials for the practical teacher influencing the lives of children and adolescents.

    • Showcasing the artistic potential of young people through our Light In Me performing and visual arts productions.

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