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You Got What It Takes - 2

What Are You Called?

Call is, essentially, a word that creates (brings things into existence), names, pronounces, summons, initiates, defines, gives importance to, and directs. Call, as a verb (a word of action), has various meanings. The first definition we shall explore is to be given a name. What is your name? What do people call you? This is not as simple a question as it may seem. When parents give you a name, they are also bringing something inside of you into existence.

The name you are given at birth must be carefully studied for its meaning because every word has a power either to build up or to destroy. I pray you get a copy of my book entitled Multiplying Our Children’s Church with “Real Talk”: Guiding Young People to Make Godly Choices for Their lives. In it, we talk about how words are spiritual because, with the spoken Word, God created light; and everything in heaven and earth were formed by what He said. Then God said, “Let there be . . . .”

Whatever you speak comes to pass. That’s why it is so important to tame the tongue so that we don’t say something that will cause harm to others and eventually return back against us. There is life and death in the power of words; and a person who has the greatest strength is the one who can control what comes out of his or her mouth.

When someone calls your name, why does your soul move your body toward that sound—that word, that name? The physical body reacts or responds to the spiritual by the will (the desire) of the soul because that which is spiritual has command over the soul and physical body. Because words are spiritual, they have power to create evil prisons around your physical life preventing you from enjoying your blessings.1

As Rachel was delivering her last born son in such excruciating pain which later took her life, she called his name “Ben-Oni” which means “son of my sorrow” (Genesis 35:18). But his father, Israel, rejected that appellation and named his youngest son “Benjamin” which means “son of my right hand” (a father’s strength). Israel thus changed the destiny of his last-born son’s life. And, it was no coincidence that Israel instantly applied gumption in this matter because he was named “Jacob” meaning “deceiver” until God Himself intervened and wrestled out of him the name “Israel”, Prince with God (Genesis 32:24-30).

The spirit commands the soul which commands your destiny on this physical earth. Names are words. What is your name? What are you called? Destiny is short for “destination”—where you are going or what you are headed towards in your future. Some folks believe in fate, coincidence, random happenings or events that may or may not have happy endings. Well, let me wake you up now to the fact that our Creator God and Father is not about fate, coincidence, or random occurrences. He has your life all planned out to the tiniest detail that is destined for greatness. It’s His seed inside of you planted in your heart (your soul) the moment you dared to call yourself a child of the living God.

Again, I ask, “What is your name?” What does that name mean? Does it build you up or tear you down? There are other names we allow friends or even enemies to attach to our lives. Do you allow others to call you names that do not agree with the image of God in you? “You’re so stupid (a name), so ugly (a name), lazy and useless (names). You don’t have this because you are (name). You can’t do that because you are (name), . . . .”

DON’T BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE NAME CALLING AND CANCEL IT OUT OF YOUR LIFE TODAY! No one, not even your parents, know God’s great plan for your life. Some parents and teachers and elders, who are in tune with God, however, do get a glimpse of who you are and actually support your goals and dreams. How blessed are you with such love! Yet, more young people (and older people as well), are struggling to understand just a little bit of what a great God there is who wants only the very best for their destinies. They do not know about love and about how to build their lives with positive creative names for themselves. They are trapped in spiritual strongholds with no clue as to how to break free.

Dearly beloved, GIVE YOURSELF A NAME. CALL YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DARKNESS. Shout, “I am gifted (a name), unique (name), special (name), valuable (name), intelligent (name), beautiful/handsome (name), strong beyond measure, the apple of God’s eye!” Then dare yourself to LIVE IN THIS TRUTH. You must change your idea about yourself from the inside first before you will experience this change on the outside. If there is no one to support this change inside of you, then know that the eyes of God Almighty are on you cheering you on to greatness. Your destiny is not based on what others call you. Your future is based on what you call you.

What are you called?

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Unless otherwise stated, all scripture quotations are from The New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

1. Osei-Anyamesem, P. (2020). Multiplying Our Children’s Church with “Real Talk”: Guiding

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