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You Got What It Takes - 1

The smARTteacher Resource: Echo Art! Echo Art!

The Called

What does it mean to be called? When someone is calling you, what are the possible outcomes?

"Echo and Narcissus" by John William Waterhouse (1903)

Call, as a verb (a word of action), has various meanings: 1) to be given a name; They called their daughter Abigail. 2) to cry out (a word or words): He heard a concerned voice calling his name. 3) to contact or to attempt to contact: “Can I call you back later?” 4) to order or to request the attendance of: We were called to attend the emergency board meeting. 5) to announce or to decide that (an event) is to happen: There appeared to be no alternative but to call a general election. 6) to pay a brief visit: They called on her at the hospital after her surgery. 7) (an umpire or referee or other official in a game) to pronounce to be the thing specified: The referee called the ball out of play.

Call, as a noun, has similar definitions to its verbal form: 1) a cry made as a way to attract someone’s attention. 2) an instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone. 3) a brief visit, especially one made for social reasons. 4) an appeal or demand for something to happen or be done. 5) an order or request for someone to be present. 6) a decision or ruling by an official of a game, traditionally conveyed by a shout, that the ball has gone out of play, or that a rule has been broken.

In this series, we are going to have conversations about the importance of your calling.

Keep clearly in mind that you are made in the image of our Creator, the Supreme Being, who took His own hands, crafted your human being, and blew His eternal being into your lungs. We are fearfully and wonderfully made; and our soul (our eternal being) knows that very well (Psalm 139:13-14). There is not a human being breathing on this earth that has not felt the touch of “Someone” larger than life itself. Those connected to the Source of Life walk in His power knowing who they are.

"A Gift From God" by Frank Mathews

Those who deny there is an Almighty God, who is triune in existence as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, continually refute this existence in such cruel ways that it is obvious they are fighting “someone”, or else, why do they keep advocating atheism, that there is no triune God? If there was no triune God, then why keep talking about (or acting out against) the non-existence of Him? Shouldn’t there be silence on what does not exist? Yet the spirit of disobedience is on a rampage like wild fire these days (Romans 1:16-32).

Artwork by 16 year-old Artist Dimitra Milan

Call is, essentially, a word that creates (brings things into existence), names, pronounces, summons, initiates, defines, gives importance to, and directs.

Surreal painting by 17 year-old Sebastian Erikkson

God called the light Day, and the darkness He called night (Genesis 1:5). As we explore the profound nature of a calling, let us walk in the light of day, leaving the darkness of ignorance behind. What we do not understand, we often reject and wallow in ignorance (not willing to know about someone or something); but when we take time to fully acquire knowledge, we grow in wisdom and stature and power and fearlessness (2 Timothy 1:7). Then, we become all God created us to be—just like Him—and He is everything good and right.

These conversations are dedicated to young people who are now trying to define themselves. Adolescence is a quirky period of life when one leaves childhood, but has not fully stepped into adulthood. All kinds of influences play with his or her soul. But it’s time to stop playing, and “talk real” about what matters: “You can overcome anything set against you, from the inside first.” Let’s get working on transforming your “inside body” so that your “outside body” can move into your best being—the greatest you.

Oh, and by the way, many adults today didn’t get these conversations when going through adolescence. As a result, a lot of men and women are still battling with insecurities and confusion about who they really are and what they were called to be. It’s never too late to walk in the light.

Take my hand, precious Lord, and lead me on.

You are precious. Your life is precious. You are called.

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