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The Art of Love - 9

Push Past It and Celebrate Life

There is so much anger in this world; it seeks to destroy our souls every day. There is so much fear hovering over our atmosphere, as if a gas we breathe in and out affecting the way we do our everything. Hatred broods in secret dark corners and conversations murdering the names of souls who choose to live in the light. And it is that light which cancels the anger, the fear, the hatred boosting you into the celebration of life.

But you must push past it. Whatever your “it” is, you must push past it.

Push past the anger. Pain is attached to anger, for you feel offended by the actions or inactions of others. That pain can be so devastating to the physical body because bitterness is produced in the bowels and flows through the blood. Ever wonder why many suffer from stomach, intestinal tract issues, and high blood pressure often unto stroke and heart attack? Push past the anger with forgiveness of the offender or of yourself. Yes, you are allowed to forgive yourself. Harboring (housing in the heart) unforgiveness is a slow killer of body and soul.

Push past the fear. Shrinking back from living your full potential is attached to fear. Rejection is attached to fear, for you feel if you pursue that vision, that dream, God has put inside of you, many will leave you or misunderstand you, even hurt you to the point of paralyzing any thought to move toward your God-inspired destiny. An elder explained to me how there are more riches buried in the cemetery than can be found on earth: that untapped potential to do something great while alive never came to life, but rather died with the person. Ever wonder why many suffer from a guilty conscious, a soul in anguish due to regret in not pursuing a calling on your life? Push past the fear with love despite the way anyone treats you. Let love lead your way onto the path where there is light and into a plan to perfect your potential.

Push past the hatred. Murmuring and complaining about who and what you don’t like is attached to hatred. In other words, judgement is attached to hatred No one and nothing is perfect. Even the most disciplined perfectionist can never attain perfection alone for we are made of clay, and the flesh carries its own opinions and beliefs often far away from the thoughts our Creator has for us. Judge not, that you not be judged . . . for with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you (Take a moment and meditate on Matthew 7:1-5). Ever wonder why many suffer from bad relationships? A soul who constantly judges others to their downfall can never measure up to (or grow up to) the standards of godliness which produces contentment, inner peace, and joy unspeakable. Push past the hatred with knowledge.

Knowledge is gained by experience; to know is to experience. Instead of acting as judge and jury over someone else’s life, get to know them. Find something good in them. But never become them. Maintain your uniqueness. Sometimes, it’s hard to get to know others because of the walls they have created as a defense for anger, fear, and hatred. How can a Black man ever desire to get close to a White racist? Prejudice resides in darkness. Or how can a woman ever strive to get to know a womanizer? Manipulation resides in darkness.

Experience offers a choice of accepting what is right for the health of your soul or discarding what will confine your soul in anguish. Never walk in darkness. Leave those who live in darkness. Walk in the light with other imperfect souls eager to stay on that path toward perfection. Get to know them. You will be amazed at the good relationships you build around yourself which causes you to celebrate life.

Yes, there are many stories told and heard about the “downs” of life: the hardships, the grief, the despair. We all go through it, even give names to it like depression, worry, anxiety, . . . . Have we ever considered the “ups” of life: the mystery in waking up, accomplishing one goal at a time toward completing ‘the bigger picture’ in your mind’s eye? You are made for greatness. Every human being is created in the image of God. To be means to exist, to have life. You are promised in John 10:10 that you are to have life, and have it more abundantly (Check out the Living in Abundance series on That is our Father’s promise (His covenant) to all human beings who believe and trust in Him by embracing the experience of His love through Christ Jesus who is the light of the world: I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life (John 8:12).

Push past all the “lows” of life, and get to know the One who can bring you “up high” to the light and keep you there. Where there is light, there is celebration of being who you are meant to be on earth as a covenant (a promise) from heaven.

Get ready to party in our last conversation on The Art of Love – 10.

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