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Getting Right With Me - 2


"A Gift from God" by Fred Mathews

Holiness is the most powerful force in the universe because it emanates from the Creator of the world. It is a power that is always being attacked by the forces of evil, but always defeats evil because evil cannot create. Evil destroys, therefore, dearly beloved, if you are tired of living an empty life, a life without meaning, plan, or purpose, then your solution is to take back your birthright of holiness. Holiness is your wholeness, fulfillment, and abundant life on earth.

Birthright is a particular right of possession or privilege a person has from birth. Mankind was made in the image of the Creator of the universe and was imbued (filled) with God’s Spirit called holiness. Holiness is the energy radiating from a living God, much like heat radiating from the sun. Holiness is purity, innocence, cleanliness, and beauty. It’s what every being on earth was given upon birth. Holiness is humanity’s birthright.

Usually a birth right was given to the firstborn son upon the death of his father. But thanks be to God, that when you acknowledge His Son, Jesus Christ, you become a child of the living God, the firstborn son or daughter, a joint-heir of the Father of all creation! What a blessing to be part of the heavenly family of brothers and sisters all over the world who have received the birthright in equal proportion without partiality!

This gift, this right, this possession was yours at your birth. What did you do with it? God gave only one requirement for humanity to keep his birthright and that was to obey His word not to sin. There is a darkness that hoovers over the creation of God due to sin, or disobedience, to the instructions of the Father. No man can deny that dark forces do exist as well as forces of light. Holiness is the omnipotent force of light and overpowers darkness.

You were born with that light; and as you draw closer to God, your heavenly Father, His light shines through you and in you. As a biological son resembles his earthly father genetically; so too does everyone reborn in the Spirit of God have the same traits as God. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit (John 3:6). The belief in who Jesus is and the acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior is the sinner’s salvation and rebirth into a new life. This rebirth makes him or her like a newborn baby, a child of the Most High God.

Do you feel holiness operating in your life right now? Holiness is evident in one’s life when others can see in the you the image of Jesus, or when you find yourself functioning in the presence of God, or when you feel your entire being empowered by the Holy Spirit. In order to feel the presence of our Lord God, you must make a new covenant (a promise, a binding agreement) to cleave to the Lord with your body and mind, your soul, as a man cleaves to his wife in marriage.

You must get rid of all desires and behaviors that go against what holiness is and take back your birthright. You’ve exchanged your birthright for pleasure that sin satisfies. Sin satisfies by whatever makes the flesh feel good—sex, overeating, lust for material things, destroying the reputation of others in selfish ambition to get ahead, backbiting and gossiping, watching pornographic everything, masturbation, and on and on and on and …. Do you know that in the Bible an elder twin brother called Esau exchanged his birthright with his younger twin brother for only a bowl of soup? (Genesis 25:29-34). He despised his birthright, and in this case, he could never get it back. The double portion of the property and blessings of the father went to the younger brother.

Your good news is that you can get back your birthright by repenting of everything you’re doing wrong right now. Correction hurts sometimes because it requires that you change how you think and how you live. Change requires you to move out of your comfort zone and into a new way of functioning. It can be frightening and awkward, but with practice, holiness is the best way of living. Holiness puts you in the right relationship with your Father. God wants to do something new in your life. He wants to make you His awesome child, one who is no longer ashamed of his or her past anymore, but a child of light, of His power, of His beauty and glory.

You can take back your birthright right now by speaking these words aloud: Heavenly Father, forgive me for exchanging my birthright. I no longer despise it, but realize how valuable and precious it is. I want to start afresh and live a life of holiness. This can only be done if I believe in the life, death and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. I am born-again; and I am Your child.

If you have said this prayer, you are a new creation in the spirit (2 Corinthians 5:17). The spirit is eternal. It never dies, but lives forever in the body here on earth and in a glorified body later in heaven. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns or just need us to support you as you walk your new life of holiness.

In order to maintain a life of holiness, your soul must be washed every day (just like the body) by reading the Word of God. When you believe and obey the Word of God, the truth, this obedience washes away all sin because Jesus, the Word of God, cleansed your soul through the washing of regeneration and renewing, or rebirth by the Holy Spirit— Now purified, holiness becomes a weapon of our warfare mighty in God for pulling down strongholds—anything that wants to steal your birthright.

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