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You Got What It Takes - 3

Can’t You Cry?

Call also means to cry out a word or words that beckons either for the attention of someone else, or which pleads for yours.

There is no more confusion for you who has cried so many tears out of fear, or frustration, in seeking an outlet, a way, to freely express your in-born gifts. Just do it. Start small, like a “snappy seed”, sowing in your field of dreams. Stay focused as you water it with carefully planned steps, and when it grows, cherish every achievement along the way to its fulfillment. A dream really doesn’t have an ending; it rather, keeps on expanding.

Charles dreams of being the best footballer of his time; just like Pelé from the 1950s into the 1970s. His champions are not only the ones known all over the world, but there is one hero he has right in his own home, a name hardly anyone knows. He calls him Dad. At the cock’s crow in the morning, dad blows the whistle and calls him to “get to stepping”. That means climbing the stairs—up two flights, down two; up three flights, down three, and a combination of sprints, drills, and special practice techniques to hone his football acumen into perfection.

It is that call in the morning that keeps Charles focused on his life dream. Dad calls out his name to get his attention fixed on what’s important to him, being the best player he can be. Mom, on the other hand, calls out his name to get him to school and study English, Mathematics, and the Sciences so as to have a solid back-up plan. She believes the head must be as skilled as the footballer’s body. Every time Charles is called, he is beckoned to move towards excellence in sports and in education (academia).

Is there anyone or anything calling you to move toward achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself? Don’t deny your dream. Get into position and begin living it, right now, right where you are. Tell those who care about you to call you to get up and “get stepping” towards practicing or studying—whatever it takes to sharpen your skills to get there. If you feel there is no one who can call you, then you must cry out to the One who made you and ask for helpers to come into your life.

Belinda had no one to encourage her dream of becoming the greatest vocalist of her time. Yet, she found ways to listen to the recordings of Marian Anderson, Barbara Streisand, Pavarotti, Bocelli and any other great voices of their time and hers. She almost gave up on pursuing perfecting her vocal skills until, one night, before going to bed, she just looked up to ceiling and cried out, “God, if you’re there and you can hear me, bring somebody into my life to help me sing.” It just so happened, the next week, a new music teacher joined the staff at her school. Now, she’s singing eight periods a week and two hours every weekend because her teacher cares about bringing out her greatest potential.

"Beautiful Praying Sister" - The Prayer Circle Leader

Who do you call when no one is calling you? Fix yourself into your dream and stay focused. Peers who have no ambition to achieve their dream should not be your friends. Birds of a feather flock together. You can decide to be an eagle soaring higher than ever and catching your dream; or you can be a chicken pecking on the ground for scraps and trampling on your dream; or a vulture stealing whatever is left over and throwing away your dream.

Read Isaiah 40:31

Can’t you cry for help?

Even as the cock crows (or as the setting on your alarm clock screams), it can be your call to “Get up, and get to stepping.” Time waits for no one.

If you are still confused about the way to go toward living your dream, contact us (in the comment box below, by whatsapp on facebook, or email). We, at The Light in Me family, are your helpers.

Also, stay tuned for our next symposium on “Finding Your Life’s Purpose and Setting Your Goals” for living that dream!

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