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You Got What It Takes - 5

Safe in the Center

Call also means to order or request your attendance. Where are you reading this blog right now? That place where you are currently residing is where your attendance is. Many devices now can track your location by the Global Positioning System, or GPS (an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites). GPS lets us know where we are and where we are going anywhere on Earth. Look how far technology has brought humanity, and yet many feel lost and without direction.

Do you ever feel that you are physically in one place, but that your inner you, your soul, is searching for that “better” place? Eliza would sit in her 3rd grade classroom in the center of the city, yet see herself rolling on turquoise blue waves at the beach near her grandma’s villa. Very often her day-dreams turned into nightmares where darkness threw its blanket over her face in an unbridled attempt to slay her life. She’d scream out in cold sweats gasping for thick scorching midnight air to surge life back into her lungs once again. Breathing in and out, grateful for each exhale, her tears mirrored the war and the loss of everything she thought she was.

"Grandma's Love" by Monica Stewart

There, sitting in the middle of this ‘concrete corner’, her mind drifted back to the arms of grandma where she felt safe. If only she could hear “Nana” calling her, how all the coldness would melt away and warm her heart again! “Eliza! Snap out of it and pay attention!” “Yes, Teacher,” her soul continually sobbed.

There are times when, even in the midst of a classroom or an office or an auditorium full of people, you feel so alone. Your GPS is registering your location, but you haven’t yet arrived. This is called frustration: a yearning to be in that place where you want to rest in the assurance that you are appreciated and loved and that your choices lead you in the right direction toward your God-given destiny, but you haven’t reached there yet. We discussed previously that destiny is the place where God, your Creator, planned for you to go despite the circumstances or the decisions you make on your own.

When you feel alone in a crowd of people, it is because you dream big; and you’re looking to live that dream come true. So you can’t settle where you are when you know there is a place where your dream awaits. Yet, in our passion to live our dream, we may go the wrong way in haste to take a short cut to get to our destiny (pre-planned destination) faster. Would the God who created you lead you astray where you’d end up broken? The dream He built in you desires for you to feel safe—the place where you are free in the truth of who you are; the condition of being protected from danger or injury.

There is human ambition and the will of God; yet God is always blamed for what goes wrong in our lives, when it is not possible for Him to do wrong. Haste, haughtiness, and hostility are what can break the road to our planned destiny. The perfect “H” is the perfect will of God, or “humility.” Just like love, humility must be learned one moment at time, one situation at a time. It takes many moments to become humble enough to find that safety.

"The Whisper" Watercolor Collage by Sara Joseph

Where can you be safe on earth? Safety is in the center of God’s will. We run to and fro upon the face of the earth looking for the safety we need when all we must do is look up, be still, listen to what is being spoken in our heart. You must be strong. You must be silently steadfast. You must be forgiving. You must embrace the truth that Jesus knows your pain, but that He leads in the path of goodness and mercy.

Trust in He who made you. NEVER BE ASHAMED TO SEEK SAFETY IN THE CENTER OF GOD’S PERFECT WILL. You see, many avoid the center because it requires a price few are willing to pay. It may cost friendships, family members, a job, a contract, or anything attached to worldly ‘success’. That safe place involves total submission and dedication to focusing on God’s will; His perfect plan for your life. You don’t have to go it alone. A family of godly men and women can be found to advise you; and godly peers your age can be found to encourage and push you onto your right track ‘til you catch that dream. Ask Him to send them into your life.

Don’t run away from where you are now. Grow through the lessons taught where you are now and take a step each day toward catching your dream: Is there a course you must complete? Enroll now. Is there a book you must read, or a skill you must acquire? Study a chapter daily, or work your hands to practice that skill now. Is there a mentor you must have to guide you? Call that person now. You are not alone. You were built for success, to reach your God-designed destiny: to share your abundance with others in need of that same safety.

And, remember, you are unique and gifted with specialties no one else has. Never compare yourself with others, but rather be grateful and thankful for what has been given to you, and recharge that potential from your life-source: He loves you.

All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out [reject] (John 6:37).

Call means to request your attendance; for you to come to and to be in a particular place.

When roll-call is made from that central position, will you be found there?

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