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Where is School?

In this moment of COVID-19 history, many young learners find themselves without a school. The buildings stay quiet abandoned of giddy guileless laughter, pranks and punishments, bells, and screechy writing on boards. Many are chained or locked down.

The playgrounds and streets have become ‘school’ for many children in the rural villages as they play ball with other disillusioned classmates or are forced into working or selling on the streets to earn cash just to survive. Without a place to go to exercise their minds, their ability to connect ideas and think about a positive future is a serious challenge.

Leon has five brothers and sisters. His father is a peasant farmer and his mother is a seamstress. Leon’s parents have done well to send their children to school and take care of their needs. Then the terror of COVID-19 travailed globally and locked down jobs and access to public education. Fortunately, farming never met coronavirus since people still have to eat; therefore, Leon’s dad continued working to support his family. However, mom’s business came to a halt. When all social gatherings ceased, there was no need for new dresses. The whole family took to farming!

Caty’s parents are teachers. Their solution was to start a home-school for their children. And now this concept of school-at-home is sweeping across the globe in retaliation to coronavirus.

School can be anywhere we learn about life or about the arts and sciences. One is informal and the other formal. During these awkward times, parents have opened their eyes to see that formal education can occur right under their own roofs with help from neighbourhood mentors and teachers who can impart knowledge through curricula and keep our young learners’ minds actively challenged.

Given one – three hours of home-schooling, a child’s cognition is stimulated to climb higher as he or she practices reading, writing, calculating, and articulating ideas. The creative ‘juices’ flow through interacting with storytelling, technology-based, mapping, indirect and independent instruction as it meets authentic assessment in ways that are unique only to home-school training.

Mentors and teachers, let’s help our children and their parents by going house-to-house (if protocol in your area permits) and setting up simple home-schooling structures. Let’s talk to each other on our forum about what you are experiencing and the results you're achieving through home-school instructional training.

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