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Remembering Church

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In the beginning, God created . . . and here we are millenia later as generational fruits of God's labor. We are experiencing both waves and rewards for the choices humanity has made about environmental preservation, protection of human and animal rights, and the upkeep of the institution of God"s heart--the Church.

The Church represents the collective global group of believers in Christ Jesus, proudly called Christian, and purports peace and godly power for all men, women, teens and children.

What is happening in our environment regarding depletion of our most precious mineral, agricultural, and atmospheric resources should make us pause with this thoughtful question: "What will be left on earth for my children and their children to survive?"

The members of the early Church understood this important principle: "Reach one, teach one". When the need of a fellow human being is met with the right resources, lives transform into the image of our Creator: peace-filled, abundant, blessed, and anointed to overcome the trials and temptations we meet in our daily living.

Outside the home, the Church was and is the place where children are taught their moral code in values education, usually during Sunday school and endorsed by instruction during Children's Church service. When children learn how to care for the environment and to value life while honoring their Father of creation, they grow up into influential defenders and responsible stewards of planet earth and its human population.

Above all, in Church, children and teens get to know what love is really all about and are given the tools (values training) to make choices for their lives that have successful outcomes.

Parents yearn for their children to "turn out successful". Outside the home and school, the Church must actively engage in the training up our the generations to come.

The Light In Me Enterprise has published a 10-course curriculum entitled Multiplying Our Children's Church with "Real Talk" wherein Mentor-Teachers hold lively conversations with young people about all the issues they face applying Bible-backed solutions that work.

Parents who do not profess Christianity have brought their children under the instruction of our trained Mentor-Teachers and have testified of the positive changes they've observed in the attitudes and behavior of their precious offspring.

Book a training session for Mentor-Teachers in your home, school, community, or church, or purchase your copy of our book. It's always on time to train up our children with positive values education.

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