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Connecting Children and Teens to Their Light

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Cognition is related to how we grasp and interpret what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. The brain constantly races to bring balance, or equilibrium, to its world as it sifts through what it already knows from the first “schooling” at home and what is newly introduced in a structured formal educational setting.

A young person spends most of his or her life time in the classroom learning languages, the arts, mathematics, and social skills. The learner develops a sense of “self” and subconsciously measures how “smart” they are in comparison to their peers.

As Mentor-Teachers, it is our obligation to find that great thing which makes each learner unique and to use it to build their ability to collect information, store it, and retrieve it in ways that help them to solve problems and feel good about themselves.

When every learner’s light in shining, they can all connect and create a big bright beautiful “ballroom” I describe as a transformed society.

Every week, we shall discuss cognition and cognitive development on a practical level. I need your input, your questions, suggestions and comments to make our conversations real as we work together to make our children love learning.

Welcome to The Light In Me Enterprise!

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